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G-scetch - Not Saint (Je ne suis pas une saint ) by werewolfia
G-scetch - Not Saint (Je ne suis pas une saint )
Listening "Joan of Arc" by Arcade Fire…

Got inspired by those france-lyrics. Too lazy to write right french- lyrics. Bohoo. Lol. Gordian. Scetch.
I just figured out that i have been drawing so called "Ageless" gordian. Not kid but not adunt. Teenager eather.... SO here is clear age -  teen! xD Lol, it's like 23:38...
  • Mood: Joy
Seriously... You guys have been geving llamas to meso much in this week! Whiew, one day without dA and 4 llamas in one day~♥     I almost have a daily llama-badge... Thank you! :3 This really makes me happy. I don´t know what have I done to decerve this but anyways, this really makes me happy. I have been noticed for a while~~~♥
Lol i cant moooooove! (animation)
HAHAHAAA!! XD Made in 15 minutes. This is only ONE part of 3 characters animation. This is Windclaw, my friend. He´s trying to run through slush.. xD
Then there will be Miststar, and me - draonstar. xD
Mist is ust laughing on the ground and I´m laughing with whiskers waggling. xD
Lol, lets wait till this is finihsed...
  • Mood: Eager

BE WARNED!!! THIS COMIC HAS INSIDE OF IT THE WHOLE COMIC'S STORY(eccept the very end) , THE ONE I AHVE BEEN DOUNG FOR A WHILE NOW. THE WHOLE STORY, so if you don´t  want to know what kind of comic am I making, skip this. But the comci is about my two caharcters life story.

By the way, I haven´t decided the name of the comic yet. But this will probably bee HUDGE project. Because I´m not lying to you, when I say I have been working on the world, character and storyboard since 2009/-10. (when i was on third or fourth class.) The comci will have some "you have to be kidding me this is sooooo seeeeeeeeeen..."- shit, but it has a deeper meaning for me myself. Each character is so dear and clos efor me, that I really wan´t to draw the whole story. But as said, this is ha very big project cause I wan´t to make the whole world, reasons and so on and so forth clear, and try to keep the good work up also. So- this will take hella long, if it will ever be done. And I wan´t still share the main story with you guys. Lets keep the hope up that this will be done. There will not be any "on mondays in every second week"- styled bagecomings. Its done when it will be.

SOME INFORMATION (about the first chapter,first timebook,first generation, see it as you want.) IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHATAFACA IS GOING ON WITHOUT READING:
-Two brothers, first close to each others but then go thourgh something hard and become less close.
-They end up in eternal war against each other.
-Another loses ability to feel sandess, other hate.
-Another stays still while another goes on.
-Another must die so another could live happily.
-Never give up. You might me just having what you have been looking for, so don´t.

THE ULTIMATE SPOILER  - PART!!!1(please skip x´DD)

LALALA. LETS START. FOrgive my my utlimate finnish I suck at this - english and lettering mistaces...-
There were firt one pup. Pure white, the night-living and peacefull one boy. Whiew years later parents have a younger brother for him. Brown, and happy one. Brother lived very closely, and hav ehappy childhood. Then , when couples natures where clears, the father, kign itself, leader of Erénes magical alnd of dragons, unocorns, white wood'deers and the most amazing creatures, decided something. Btorhers had no idea what was coming. The faher took the birthrights of older one, Sebastio, and gave them to younger Sif. It was a shock for both. It was clar plan - sebastio will be the prince and then kign, and sife will live peacefully on countryside and live on happily, while knowing that srong bother where in place where he belonged. But then, it all suddenly was gone. Sif started the kingtraning against his very own will. WEHile Sebastio, bitterd to his fathers choise, wanted to know why. Wen he were told the reason, he started to hate the whole group - father, mother, SIf and so on. Also the young little syster, Wulfia. Then one day the war came up, adn it was a mark - now they had a chance to show that the choise were wrong - sif would pretend weak and let Seb be so macho as he just could be. But... it was a hudge mistake. Enimy were storng - really strong, and because Sif thought that he would easily start I amn so wek - show from the very star, he became REAL underdog instead of just a show. And Seb realized that when Si were beaten down, and badly wounded. Seb cam to protect his brothewr, but got beaten off. Tghey were captured, and they enimy kept them as slaves. But one dy, they manyged o escape - or so they tough. After all, sif were the only one who got out of the gates. He ran and ran until find out that seb were gone. He tryed to loock for him, even visited teh gates, but he were disappeared. On eday, when the mmory statue was build, Seb returned. Brainwashed, intensified and bittered wolf blamed Sif from  betrayal. He tryed to kill him, but Sif who were learning mages skill teleported Seb away. Years passed and Seb gathered an army behind him, and keep hthe war up. One day, by accident, Sif cursed Sebastio - he were not seenable on daylight, or touchable. Like a ghost. But while night came, he got srtonger than ever. Sif tryed to hepo his brother, by sealing an guardian angel in him, but it wa sall for nothing. Seb sealed a demon inside Sif, who were already cursed since birth. The wars keep on, but instead of Seb figthing himself, he but is army on work. He respected night, his only guardian anymore, so he didn´t want to fight under the moons daytime.
While seb suffered alone, Sif lived on. Sadden of course, but he fell in love, and make pups of his own. Then came the final fight, under the full moon.  Seb has reached his limits, and Sib could barely stand anmore. He were balmign himself abotu everything all the time, so the saddnes feeling of guiltyness took him over so badly. The last fight were between those two only, the kingow suffered already enough. Seb killed the whole family, their father, and mothe,r and oyunger systerf. The war were goung on all the time while they lived. Anothe rone must die at some point.
And so happened.
It was over, and Erénes land finally had the peace it wanted, but the sacrifice were too much. The leading Krulcan family never recovered from it.

  • Mood: Joy
Below 10 = Total Tomboy
Below 20 = Boyish
Below 30 = Not girly. 
Above 30 = Girly.
Above 55 = Paris Hilton. 

[1/2] My fingernails/toenails are almost always painted. * Left hand fingers. Deeeeep black. They make nails stronger, so I can grooooooow theeeem.... >3< )
[ ] During the summer pretty much the only shoes I wear are flip flops.
[ ] My favorite toy as a child were Barbies/Bratz 
[ ] My favorite color is pink or purple. 
[ ] I did Gymnastics.
[ ] I love skirts.
[ ] Hollister is one my favorite places to shop. 
[ ] Tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear. 
[x] I love chocolate.


[ ] My hair is mostly always straightened.
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week.
[1/2] I love to hang out with friends.
[ ] I have a piece of real diamond jewelry. 
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon.
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan - not to swim.
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] I watch Gossip Girl.
[ ] I change my profile picture weekly.
[ ] I wear a shower cap. 


[ ] I would NEVER set foot into Hot Topic. (what´s Hot topic? ^_^;
[x] My cell phone might as well become a part of me.
[ ] I wear mascara everyday.
[ ] Bathing suits are adorable.
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat. 
[ ] Big sunglasses are awesome.
[x] I have gotten my nails done. 
[ ] I own over 10 purses. 
[ ] MuchMusic is my one of my favorite channels.


[ ] I love to have other people do my hair.
[x] I like to give and receive hugs from all my friends.
[ XXXXX ] I hate bugs.
[X] Carnivals are fun.
[ ] Summer is THE best season.
[ ] My swimsuit has 2 pieces.
[ ] Musicians are hot. 
[ ] You write me a poem and tell me I'm beautiful and I'm all yours.


[x] I'm self-conscious. 
[ ] My room smells like vanilla.
[ ] I don't do sports. (Rider forever~♥)
[ ] I HATE to run. (I like it but i have terrible fitness...)
[ ] I squeal when I am surprised or angry.
[ ] I eat dried fruit as a snack.
[ ] I love romance novels.
[ ] Drew Barrymore is so cute. (...who?)


[X] I dance randomly around the house.
[ ] I usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house.
[ ] I only have like 5 billion hair products.
[ ] I love to get dressed up. 
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends. 
[ ] I would love to have a photo shoot of myself. 
[ ] My parents buy me everything I want, whenever I want it.
[ ] I apply lip gloss 50-a million times a day.


[ ] I wish I could meet Paris Hilton.
[ ] R&B is the best music.
[ ] I pop my collar.
[XXXXXXXXXXXXXX HELL YES] Horses are beautiful.
[x] Kittens are adorable.


[ ] I write my own music. 
[ ] I would love to visit Hawaii.
[ ] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black.
[ ] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes.
[ ] I hate beards.
[ ] I love to read magazines.


[ ] I love to gossip.
[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters as a kid.
[ ] I love Celine Dion.
[ ] My showers are 2 hours long. (only 43 minutes...)
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned
[X] I refuse to eat at McDonald's. 


[ ] I LOVE life! 
[ ] I have a lot of jewelry.
[ ] Much of my jewelry comes from Claire's. 
[ ] My screen name(s) has or had x's in them. 
[x] I have more than 3 pillows on my bed. 


Wahahaha I´m boyish~

Just came from stables. I love it. Seriously. Eccept... When you have been sick 3 weeks and haven´t been able to go there, THE HORSE YOU KNOW has missed you so much that he tryes to eat you! x3 (Oh Roco, you silly boy, Yeeeeees, I missed you too hun~ Who´s a good boy? Youuuuuu.... I have been riding on that stable since Roco were 3 years old. He was and IS my favourite. I´m just too tall for him... :C Another cutie is Noisette - girl.)
And Roco -boy:…


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Gimme points, I wan't premium! ಠ3ಠ
*ahem!* Also, I make point commissions!

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Seriously... You guys have been geving llamas to meso much in this week! Whiew, one day without dA and 4 llamas in one day~♥     I almost have a daily llama-badge... Thank you! :3 This really makes me happy. I don´t know what have I done to decerve this but anyways, this really makes me happy. I have been noticed for a while~~~♥


werewolfia's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
-Hopy Y'a don't mind if My english sucks and I won't be big part of public community. That is not really my thing... (Me = Synonym of antisocial behavior....)
If you wan't to get know me, be terrifyed! I can be REALLY volcano, aaand crazy, aaaand idiot, aaand silly, aaand... well, y'a know, GIRL. xD

Something extrimely about meh:

~I'm a girl., 15 x3 (birthday 4.10., model year 1999)
~Call me Ww, or for buddys and finns "Veltsu" x3
~I Live in finland
~Love drawing. Digitaly and traditional ways are the same for me. Just don't own camera of skanner...
~I LOVE snakes, horses, raptors, furrys, ect-grazy stuff. x3
~I AM FURRY. x3 (I am making fursuit, but not with very good succes...)
~I had little syster and -brother. (and i hate both.)
~ My family is broken. :'(
~Manga/anime rules!!!! xD
~Specially Naruto and INuyasha and One Piece. Others are nah...
~AND ECSPECIALLY OROCHIMARU!!!!-Naruto character, so freakign awesome, i love dat sneaky man LOVE ~:heart:
~As you can see, i not just a bit grazy... x)
~I don't actually have fursona. :/
~Some of my OC's are REALLY old. And very dear to me. x3

"Why copying Ginga-style is ok, but copying other artisties style is wrong and make you angry? What is wrong with you people? Youshiro Takashi IS AN ARTIST TOO."

Zaru - Stamp by ViherkiviJade Finnish - stamp by RiikkaK i love the night by kailor Anne Hath... :C by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

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